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AX750 + X58A-UD3R = Turn ON briefly, turn OFF, turn ON when unplugged from wall ?!?


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I build a new computer with a brand new Corsair Pro Series Gold AX750 and a Gigabyte X58A-UD3R (rev 2.0) with lastest bios (FE1) and the computer seem to run flawlessly.


However, something is strange or maybe normal.


When i unplug the Corsair PSU from the power outlet and plug it again into the wall, when i press the power button, the motherboard turn on briefly, turn off and then turn on again and windows bootup as normal.


The motherboard do that only when the Corsair PSU is unplugged from the power outlet.


My friend have the same AX750, same motherboard and he do not have that strange issue.

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  • Corsair Employees

This is normal for some boards, I have mostly seen this with Intel chipsets.


Here is a recent example of someone with the same board having the same issues.



If you would like to try replacing the PSU then we have no problem doing that, just Request an RMA. However, I would not have a lot of confidence that a replacement would change anything.

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