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H70 heat issue


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After multiple reseats and a brand new H70 my pump reads at 1444RPM in the bios ( CPU fan header set to Turbo )


Intel Core i7 950 @ 4.2GHz 1.45v Vcore 21x201 ( only way to get stable )

QPI/DRAM Voltage @ 1.3v

DRAM Voltage @ 1.66v

Memory @ 1603MHz 8,8,8,24 1N

Idle Temp 42c

Load Temp Prime95 12 Hour run 90c

Load Temp Gaming 65c


May go straight H2O cooling in the near future once the X68 chipset is released.

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Interesting.. I am getting similar results temperature wise only that I'm merely at 3,82GHz, with 1.6 QPI/PLL, 1.23 vCore, 1.1~1.2 IOH and ICH


Does the heat signature of your case have any remarkable effect on a H70 compared to aircooling? I managed to get a Q9650 to 4GHz in the same case with a Zalman CNPS10X Extreme and never got beyond 75c, while 20 mins of prime (largeFFT) on this setup gets my cpu to 84c..


On the stock intel cooler my cpu runs at near 60c idle on stock speeds and gets to 90+ on prime load after just a few minutes.. Could this be a case thing or is my cpu running too hot?

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Keep in mind that the i7 950 runs very hot, no one knows why but when I first purchased my setup I was very very disapointed. My original setup was as follows:


Core i7 920 @ 4GHz 1.4v 20x200(Idle 30c, Load 70c )


12GB Patri0t Viper IIPerformance Series ( 6x2GB ) 1603MHz 8,8,8,24 1N

Corsair H50


When I purchased my new setup:


Core i7 950

Asus Rampage III Extreme

12GB Patri0t Sector 7 Viper II ( 3x4GB )

Corsair H70


I was very disapointed in the cooling performance. On the old H50 I used two Thermalta@ke Thunderblade 2000RPM fans the same fans I am using now on the H70. My original 4GHz OC on the i7 950 was at 23x174 @ 1.35v so technically using less voltage and less BLCK with supposedly a far better cooler I was idling at 40c and loading at 85c. This is pretty crazy as I should theoritically be alot lower temperature wise. So over the past 2 months of owning this I've gone through about 12 reseats, took it back to the store I purchased it at, they warped the bracket on me and thread killed a screw causing my temps to be even higher until I broke the braket and screw on boxing day and bought a new H70. I tried the following:


Core i7 950 @ 4GHz 20x200 1.4v


Same settings as my original setup the temps were again idle 40c load 85c, this should be lower if not the same, not hotter. I used Realtemp to measure all my temps though.


This seems to be a similar occurance to most users, the 920 and 930 have great thermals, but the 950 is just horrible.


So don't smash your head against the wall, it comes down to a combination of things ambient room temperature, case airflow. My ambient temp is 18c ( in my basement ), I have an extremely well ventilated case, Thermalt@ke Spedo Advance with 11 case fans all over 2000 RPM exept a 140mm and 2x230mm fans running at different RPM's. Remember though your load temps are with Prim95, this is worst case scenario, whats your gaming temps? Mid to high 50's?

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No on 3,8G they're maxing at around 65'ish which is still well safe =)

I think I should start looking into buying a new case =/

My ambient is pretty high as it's winter and the heating's on plus the pc is in my bedroom.. So like 23-25c ambient is my room temp.. the case airflow is my biggest concern though as I don't really have a good solution for inflow - 2x 92mm fans on the front side blowing air on the HDD's and a 12cm fan on top blowing air onto the system (http://prohardver.hu/dl/cnt/2008-03/2013/pic/cases/chieftec_aegis_b.jpg).. My mobo temp is around 33c, North and South are 50ish, high 50's on load, GPU runs at around 60 idle and 80 load.

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