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F120 is Dead at all


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This is great and in a way also ridiculous (from SF/Corsair).


Bought a F120 with v1.1

- No Energysave Mode

- Detecing Problems


v2.0 released: "Yeah all problems now should be fixed but we don't know what SandForce did anyway" Yes of course fixed... I updated to v2.0

- Still no Energysave Mode

- Still detecing Problems


Okay... okay... right i can life with it till hopefully the next and last update... But now:

- Dead


I hibernate the notebook last night and in this morning nothing happend at all.

no detection on another pc or with a sata-usb adapter at all.


Yes, i can do a RMA but this means losing the data for sure. Is there any way to recover this drive? Something like short-circuiting the drive and flashing same/new/other firmware again?! This is really serious. Is there something like low level "fallback" state that can only be used for Firmware Updates or something for which i can cause failing and than the drive is in something like "holding"/"waiting" state for Firmware?!.

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Absolutly no Detection.

My Gigabyte Board tryes to add some drive while SATA detection (it takes about 20sec if the ssd is connected, normaly it's about 1sec) but the drive is not detected. there is abolsolutly nothing like "CORSAIR SSD" or what the "Hardware" string might be.

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