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Does 8GB of memory require a bigger power supply?? Help.


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Ok, so here's my problem / question. I just upgraded ( or so I thought ) my AMD 6000 x 2, Gigabyte MB M55SLI-S4, GS 7600, 500 w power supply from 2 GB of memory to 8 GB. This computer has 3 fans, Liquid cooled CPU, 2 DVD's a 12 in 1 card reader and one 250 gb hard drive. I put the new memory in and the monitor will not turn on with all 4 chips in it, if I remove 2 of them, dropping it to 4 GB the system boots fine in any configuration and switching with all the new XMS.


So my question is, do I need more wattage to run the 8GB of XMS2 DHX DDR2 or am I missing something?


Any Help Please.

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