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corsair dominator problem "Airflo"


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just recently bought the corsair dominator GT with airflow and discovered a problem? its not a problem with the memory units themselves its the airflow fan:


the motherboard i have is the msi big bang xpower and as with most motherboards where you fit the ram there is a clip to fasten the ram in place yes? right, the problem i have is with the airflo unit, on the xpower moby where you put the ram there are the clips to fasten it in place but only on one side.

the other side there is no clip it is totally flat so of course the cooling unit is supposed to grip onto these to hold it in place. unfortunately i dont have a camera to include a photo to show this problem.


so guys any help would be greatly appreciated, i suppose i could return them to the supplier but there isnt actually a fault with anything.


thanks in advance

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thanks guys wasnt too sure if it was me looking for problems( first build and all that,lol). thanks both Wired and yellowbeard for your replys much appreciated, no the system wont be moved much, so far its the first gaming rig i have built and nothing went bang,lol
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