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New RAM causes start up and shut down errors


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Hi, I am running gigabyte mother board EP41-UD3L with dual core intel cpu, and 2 x 2 gb CM2x2048-6400c5 ram. Windows 7 32 bit OS.

I purchased further 2x 2gb ram (same as above,) but when I run with all 8gb installed the computer runs very slow and windows will close the computer" to prevent damage" or an windows error shows "that windows did not shut down correctly on last application and requires system check before restart". I am now back to 4gb config and have had no issues. Can you assist in running 8gb of ram.



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Mixing of RAM is not recommended nor guaranteed to work per the Memory Upgrade Guide link in my signature.


You can try slower latency timings and/or RAM frequency as you now have all four RAM slots populated and the memory controller needs a little more time to access data without errors.

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