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2 Sticks of Memory Seperate good Together Bad


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I have 2 sticks of Corsair TW3X4G1333C9A. When I install both sticks in my computer it gets very unstable and cannot run games without crashes and blue screens. I ran windows memory diagnostic with both sticks in and it said there was a hardware problem. When I ran a diagnostic with each piece by itself there were no problems and I don't get blue screens or crashes anymore. So each stick by itself is good but together they are bad. What is the problem? I know I am installing them correctly. According to my Motherboard Manual I am to put one in dimm1 and dimm3 both blue slots. I also have the latest BIOS installed on my MOBO. If anyone could help I would appreciate it very much.
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anyone? This is what bios auto detects as timings


9-9-9-24 (1333) 1.54V

DRAM read to pre time (TRTP) : 5

DRAM row cycle time (TRC): 34

DRAM Write (TWR) : 10

DRAM RAS# to RAS# Delay (TRRD) : 5

DRAM read to write delay (TRTTD) : 7

DRAM write to read delay (dd dual mem) : 2

DRAM write to read delay (sd single mem) : 5

DRAM write to write timing (TWRWR) : 4

DRAM read to read timing (TRDRD) : 3

DRAM REF cycle time (TRFC) : 110

DRAM refresh rate (TREF) : 7.8

DRAM command rate : 1T


Can anyone pinpoint the problem?

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