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Force F90 / Acer BIOS Detection Issue


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Just installed a Corsair Force F90 in my Acer Aspire TimelineX 1830T.

The problem is the BIOS does not detect the drive at power up. The drive is not detected in BIOS menu and system will report there are no bootable devices.


However, if I reboot without power cycling the drive is then detected properly. I have installed Windows 7 and the drive operates and reboots perfectly but once I power the system down and back on it once again fails to detect the drive until I reboot.


This is repeatable 100% of the time. Power down/power on, not detected, ctrl-alt-del to reboot, detected.


I have verified I have the latest BIOS for my laptop and since this is the new F90 it already has the 2.0 firmware installed.


Any ideas? :biggrin:

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I just discovered the system also crashes when trying to wake up from sleep mode as it can not access the drive, attempted 5 times, blue screened every time.


Sleep mode functions normally with standard HDD using same fresh installation of Win7.

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