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Tx950 help!!


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Bought a TX950 back on 10/26/2010. Installed new system in case. Initially appeared to work fine. Installed Win 7, still okay. Started testing system. Computer would shut off under load. Other times it would just freeze. Out of town for a month. Replaced motherboard. Problem persists. Tried power supply from other system, works fine. Narrowed down to power supply.


Also had memory running at JDEC spec 9-9-9-24 for tests, no help.


Anybody have these problems with the AMD boards from Asus with these power supplies?

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Another question for ya RAMGUY. So I sent the power supply out on the 27th of December. Ups has it sitting in Sunnyvale,Ca with a scheduled delivery date of Jan. 3rd. I checked my RMA status online and it says "Your RMA has already been processed and/or shipped." But UPS shows that it hasn't even been delivered there yet.


Could you help to clarify this for me?

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