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Question about H50


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Hi, I recently just bought a h50 (never used a water cooler before) for my new computer and was just wondering how exactly do you know if it's on and is pumping water?


Currently my i5 750 temps are around 30-38 c idle in the afternoon and when running Linx/prime 95 for about 5 mins the temps are between 48-54 c. Now I don't mind these temperatures cause my old C2d used to run at 50+ c on idle.


But I read an article about the i5 750 temps and in the article their i5 was also running at 30-38c on idle using the stock cooler. Both my i5 speed and the one in the article are the same speed.


Making me question if my h50 is even on or not. The fan connected to the radiator is running, though I dunno if that's a good enough indication that the h50 pump should also then be running if it's fan is running.

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Well.... if your H50 wasn't running your CPU would hit about 90c+ by the time it booted up and then it would shut down!


Your temps look more than fine and are well within a good zone stop worrying about it and pay little attention to what others claim, there are too many variables when it comes to monitoring a CPU temp, one of the biggest is what ambient temp exists at the time of testing.


By example with your temps, if your room temp was 16c then those temps would not be so good, but if your room temp was 27c they would be fantatstic.


Modern CPUs' will run at 90c plus but ideally anything below 85c will cause no issues at all, they stopped giving prizes for "mine is cooler than yours"


Depending on how you have set up your fan and pump on the motherboard will depend if you can monitor the two rotations, pump at approx 1400 rpm fan I think 2000 rpm unless modified.



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Hi Retain,


your temps are just great.

Forget about idle temps, these are insignificant. Thermal efficiency will grow with temps getting higher. H50 is great in cooling, got mine plugged on a Q6600 1.41v@3.6Ghz.

So ill try to give you a example:

30watts in idle -> 30c temp

60watts mid load -> 45c temp

100watts full power -> 61c (per) core temp

As you see, the relationship between load and temp is not linear.

Important thing is that CPU is kept cool when its under load, that is what h50 will do!

-temps with stock cooler at default settings were idle:31c load 55c

-temps with stock cooler at 3.6Ghz/1.41v settings were idle:36c load 79c (stopped prime after 5 mins cause i was afraid)

-temps with h50 at 3.6Ghz/1.41v settings are idle:32c load 58c (prime after several h)

room temp: 21c

Lay back and enjoy what you've spent money for :P

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I read a few posts up, fan speed of 2000, and pump speed of 1400, is that correct, i am looking at my monitors and I am reading cpu : @ 1628 and JCHA @ 824 while i am running OCCt stress test.....


I didn't think H50 stock fan ran that fast, and what is normal pump rpm at full speed?


Thanks in advance "golden one"



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Thanks for the fast reply, I switched fan header on the evga to JPPWR header, and then went into bios to set to manual duty 100% for that header, Now under stress test conditions, I see CPU header (fan on rad) reading 1618 and JPPWR ( Pump) reading at 1405. Funny thing i was getting decent temps even with pump at 824 of different header

I am a happy camper.


I am running H-50 on EVGA FTW P55, with Intel i7 860 running at 3805 MHz, stock H 50 installed with air into case. I have 3 silent Loons on the top of Obsidian 800 D exhausting air out. My temp during OCCT stress test do not exceed 70 degrees, and idle is around 26. My room is a bit on the cool side.


I was thinking of going Push Pull, with 2 typhons, but I do not see why I should bother if I am am getting these temps at 3.8. This is one kick-*** little cooler


I will post a video soon on my set -up



Thanks Corsair, Thanks Yellowbeard

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