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750HX +12v problem


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Issue: Graphic glitch, or Jagged edges in all my games




1.http://i131.photobucket.com/albums/p287/zane14785/Jagged2.jpg link fixed

2.http://i131.photobucket.com/albums/p287/zane14785/Jagged.jpg link fixed




1. Reinstalling Video Card. Tested it on a 5830 and a GTS 250, But i still get the same result.

2. Updating Direct X

3. Reinstalling OS about 3 times

4. Maxed out Anti Aliasing


I have had a 9800GT and a 4890 die out on me.



I had this problem on my old rig, So i bought a new CPU/RAM/MOBO thinking that those were the problem. I'm now starting to suspect the PSU.




Does that +12v look normal? When I'm running 3D applications it would go up to 6-8 V.

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Example pic links are incomplete.


Ignore the software when reading volt info. It's notoriously wrong, especially since your system wouldn't even function if those readings were accurate. Check in the BIOS, or better yet with a multimeter.

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It's hard to say for sure that the PSU is causing the issues, but if you have had graphics cards fail, and have tried the PSU with different motherboard, CPU and RAM, then that doesn't leave much else to cause the problems. The re installations of the OS should rule out software to some extent.


If you would like to try getting the PSU replaced, then please Request an RMA

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