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Windows icon .ico file for Flash Voyager drives ?


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Hello all,


This is my first post here. Apologies if I'm asking the wrong question, but I've been googling and poking around the site, forum and FAQ without success.


I have several Flash Voyager drives, and I would like to customize their drive icon in the windows explorer, with the autorun.inf file.

Is there somewhere a good set of icons (Windows .ico file format) for the Flash Voyager drives ?



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Well there are few things floating around the net. Most respect the true shape of the drive, and result into a tiny stick-like unrecognizable icon when used in explorer.


The best I've found so far is on this blog: two distorted PNGs images which are ok for Mac OS, one red and one blue:


(Then, mine is yellow, and I'm using windows. Oh well :p: )


This is better than nothing, but there is still room for a real good icon. Surely someday.

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