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Two different heatsync graphics for same XMS2 ram?


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I wanted to upgrade my current 4 gb XMS2 to 8 gb but was a bit confused.

My ram is this:



When I viewed the website, I saw this:



When I used google products (UK) to find the same ram, I noticed that the price for the purple colour graphics is more expansive at about £90. The one with the blue grapics are at £50. They are the same thing right? Iv'e read the specs, looks similar, but one is way expansive than the other one.

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XMS series has multiple product lines within them (not to mention the physical characteristics of those 2 pictures are different, one has an extended head spreader up top).


Keep in mind that IC prices change daily, and as such so does the price of memory. What are the actual part numbers that you are looking to purchase?

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