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I'm stupid or clever?


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So I'm sitting here and I have some great plans for my new computer.


The computer will have a Intel Core i5 2500K CPU and at least one Corsair Force 60GB SSD. I don't know what graphic card I will buy yet.


Is the Corsair AX750 a good buy for me. I don't mind if the capacity is a bit overkill. As I wrote, I don't now right now how the final build will look like.


I want a PSU that is:


1) Futureproof

2) Has long warranty and best quality components

3) Uses modular cables

4) As high "80 plus standard" as possible (e.g 80 plus Gold)

5) I want the PSU to be as quiet as possible (fan)

6) It's a big plus if the PSU don't get loaded more than 50%

7) The PSU must last for a long time, I don't want to buy a new one any time soon





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Clever I hope. As Ron White Says "you cant fix stupid" Being future proof is a good idea If you think you want to upgrade in the future. How future proof do you want to be. Most of the new vid cards out today already are calling for power. If staying air cooled and low to mid range cards i think your good. If you think you might step it up further go 850-1000.
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  • Corsair Employee

Sounds like the AX or HX series PSUs would fit your specifications the best. The main difference is that the AX is fully modular and 80 plus gold, while the HX is not completely modular (motherboard connectors are fixed to the unit) and the HX is 80 plus bronze to 80 plus silver depending on the specific model.


You can use our PSU Finder to get specific recommendations based on power consumption.

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