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New CX600 Exploded on the Third day


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I just bought new PSU, Corsair cx600, on Wednesday. It'd worked fine on Wednesday and Thursday. On Friday I turned on my computer and my computer not start, after that about five second, I found my PSU exploded. I was very scared, never found something like this before.


PSU connected to APC Smart UPS 700VA, and I am sure my system need power at full load never more than 400W. No additional VGA card attached, I used VGA on board.


M4a88td-v evo/usb3

Amd 1055t @3.4

4 Sata HD

1 DVD RW Drive

1 12cm Fan

1 8cm fan


Lukily that no other part of my computer damage.


My question is :

Is this psu compatible with APC Smart UPS 700VA?

After I get back, claimed PSU, can I connect it with APC Smart UPS?

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