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HX1000W setup


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Hi. I've recently set up a system with this PSU. I'm running the GA-X58A-UD9 with the i7 980X and 12gb of CMP12GX3M3A1600C9 and I wanted to check that my connections to the CPU are correct.


I'm currently getting a lot of system 'hangs' and I'm getting support from Gigabyte to try and figure the cause.


When setting up my PSU connections to the CPU, I was initially uncertain about powering the 2 ATX_12V_2X/ATX_12V_2X_1 connections.


One of the 8-pin EPS/12V connections was part of the cables attached to the PSU and I used this connection for one of the CPU power connections.


The other, I figured, was one the x1 8-pin EPS/12V connector cable, which I attached to the blue 12V output on the PSU and then to the other CPU 8-pin connection.


Is this correct?


Thank you

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1. You posted 30 minutes before they closed for the day.

2. They aren't open on weekends, and as such the EARLIEST they'd possibly see this thread (barring checking in from home) would be Monday, 9 AM PST.

3. Please don't bump within 24 hours.

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