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The front removable screen is lined with a medium fine mesh on the inside. Directly in front of the fan is another metal screen with larger holes. There is an inch or so between this screen and the removable front cover, and I could see placing an approximately 8X8 inch fine dust filter between the two, though it would allow even less air to pass than does now. Plus, the case is not air tight, and fine dust might enter through small gaps anyway.




Don't have a cell phone app, but I do have a sound level meter. The problem is with taking a measurement that is directly comparable to anything else. The background noise in my room with cars driving by and such, is nearly 50 dB. With the sound level meter about 7 inches from the front of my case, it reads 52 dB (fan controller low) to 58 dB (high speed). The real problem is that moving the meter several inches alters the reading drastically.




Well I tried. :biggrin:


Edit to add: OK, It's late at night and the house has quieted down.


SPL meter- Galaxy CM-140 C-weighted.


Background noise level= 37 dB

Computer, case fans low speed = 49 dB

Computer, case fans high speed = 52 dB


This was measured from my normal seating position, with the case on the desk about two feet from me. The background noise was lower, so it probably had less chance to affect the fan noise measurements. But I think the lower fan noise measurement seen this time was due to the greater distance from the meter to the case, than in the first go round.


I still think it's nearly impossible to compare the noise levels of this measurement with any thing else due to the variables involved.

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