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H50, Element G case


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Hi guys,

i am building a new pc, but i have a question about H50, beceause H50 fan is 120x120mm and Element G case have rear fan 140x140mm..


So, is there any way how can i mount up this corsair fan with radiator to my new pc case?


Some ideas?


Every help is really appreciated.


Thank you very much

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btw this is screenshot from review >




red is original 140mm fan,

and can be green for 120mm?


on their homepage is not one word about 120mm, so i really dont know...



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On one review site i found this >


The rear exhaust fan is also evident on the back of the case, and closer inspection of the fan grill reveals that this case can support either a 140mm or a 120mm fan.


So ill be hoping.. :)


When someone have some additional info about this, ill much appreciate it..


Again, thanks..

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