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So I have a SSD, H70, and another SSD currently malfunctioning(this has not been a great 6 months for me at all, lol) and I just received an e-mail stating that my case was looked into in-depth and that I should request an RMA. The problem is I don't know which item they are responding to as the only identifying information given is the tech support case # which unfortunately doesn't match up with any that I see my e-mail. I had asked for a new shipping label for the H70 as I moved since printing the last one(though it sat in closet boxed up and waiting for me to have the time) and this has added to my dilemma. Could a look be taken into this and some clarity shined on it?

The tech support express # given in the e-mail is 1801295.


Thanks and sorry for taking up your time with this but tech support takes 2 days to get back to me usually and you all are much faster.

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