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Usb drive as Medalert


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Hey guys quick question I am looking at buying a Flash survivor to load my medical info into and carry or wear around my neck when traveling.

Standard medilerts are only good for telling the EMTs you have a disease or something and only that one item. With this I can load all info since i had kidney transplant and have diabetes. Also will allow me to load My Med list which is extensive.


I am looking at the Survivor gtr because it seems more rugged and will take some abuse. But is the regular Survivor as rugged and water resistant as the GTR. I really do not need 64G but will buy that one if I have too.


All EMT's carry laptops these days. I guess the next question is will this work and will I run into compatibility issues.


I'm already working on medilert insignia for it or will attach dogtag type.

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All Survivor's are built with the same aluminum casing so no model is physically stronger than the other. Obviously this is a sensitive area so, Corsair has to be cautious about giving advice other than the specified capabilities of the device we sell.


That said, I think you have a very good idea. If the EMTs are using Windows I can't see any issues other than possibly the format for the information. If it was my device, I would not assume that any medical person that sees your information is going to have the same document software that you do. For example, if you carry your documents as Word documents, they might not have Word or a Word reader. So, again if it was mine device, I'd carry the documents in a basic text format, Word, PDF, and anything else you can think of just to cover all bases.


I hope all goes well for you. I have close friend who is a diabetic. He's headed towards a kidney transplant eventually. I may give him a Survivor for the same reason.

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Thanks for getting back. I will be getting one ASAP and loading it up. My plan is to take it after documents are on to my local EMT's and have them try it. I will let you know how I make out and what format I use.


I wish your friend well. Tell them to do everything to prolong the need for dialysis and the need for transplant.


thanks Slot

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