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Corsair DDR3 type question


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I am planning on upgrading my system with a new board, ram and cpu.

The board is an Asus P7P55D evo with an i5 cpu


I have the new board and I bought 4gb of Corsair dominator ram CMP4GX3M23A1600C9. This is 1600mhz speed


I wanted to put a total of 8gb on the board so I then bought another 4gb of Corsair Dominator ram, but this is CMP4GX3M2A1866C9. Is this 1866 mhz speed?


Firts off, when I looked for another 4gb of ram I put in the part number of the first 4gb I bought into google so as to make sure I bought the same.


I have just received the extra 4gb and noticed the part number is different as above.


The new board is not installed yet as I am awaiting a new graphics card for it as well.


Will the extra 4gb of ram be ok to work with the initial 4gb I bought.



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Mixing of TWO or more RAM kits is never recommended nor guaranteed to work per the Corsair Memory Upgrade Guide link in my signature. The only means to be sure the RAM will all work properly is to purchase ONE tested, matched compatible RAM kit. Beyond that all you can do is test to see if what you have will or won't work.


The second RAM kit has a 1866 MHz. rating from the part number listed - but it does not look like that is a correct part number? I believe the correct part number is CMT4GX3M2A1866C9. You can learn how to read the Corsair part numbers from the link below.



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