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Memory Unstable


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Hi there,

About 2 months ago, i bought 2 Corsair Dominator CM2X2048-8500C5D modules. They were very stable, untill now. I booted into my computer, everything worked. Untill I started a download program, and turned of the screen. I leaved, but when i came back, blue screen.


So, I decided to run Memtest for a while. I discovered that 1 module is fine, ran 3 passes, and no errors. When I put the other module back, and ran Memtest, It finishes 1 pass, but when the second one begane, it hung. I waited for over a half hour, but no go.


When I put in both modules, memtest reboots everytime he finishes his first test. Also, when i set the Mem speed to 1066, he will not boot. When i lower it, he wants to boot.

What should I do?


PC Specs:

Asus P5QD-Turbo

Intel q6600

Samsung F3 1TB

HD5770 Hawk

Be Quiet L7430



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