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No Mounting Kit delivered with SSD Replacement


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I few months ago I purchased the retail version of the Reactor 120 SSD, which frequently failed to be recognised by the BIOS on a cold boot. As a consequence I returned the drive under RMA7631482, including the SSD mounting kit that comes with the retail package.


I finally received the replacement today, a refurbished Reactor 120, but without any mounting kit.


Can some organise to send me one? I know you can buy them online but I don't see why I should fork out more cash for something that was included in the retail product.



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I understand now. I read on the FAQs that I should send the SSD back with the original packaging. I though this meant the mounting kit as well.


Normally I would have expected a retail package back as a replacement. This is the first time I've had a refurbished unit back.


I'll contact customer services and see what they can do.



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