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Asus M4A87TD EVO and 2 kits of CMX8GX3M2A1333C9


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Hello everybody.


I have just bought new memory for my system.


I got myself 2x8=16GB Corsair part number CMX8GX3M2A1333C9.


Sadly my system does not recognize this as 1333 but as 1066 and the timings are wrong as well if left on auto.


Now, this memory is not on Asus QLV but it is 1333MHz and system does boot and goes into windows. However I do have this software, convertX2DVD3 that just crashes my whole system. Two errors pops up and then the wonderful blue screen of death but in all honesty I believe my system is in need of a totally installation from scratch.


Anybody have good settings for me to get the best out of this memory on this motherboard please?


I have set the frequency to the correct one (1333MHz) and the timings are set to their default 9-9-9-24 but there is so much on this motherboard to set that a little help would be great.


I have the system running a torture test with Prime95 for 16 hours and no errors came up.


Any help well appreciated.




Albert, C

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Mixing of (two) RAM kits -even of the same part number - is not recommended nor guaranteed to work without issues per the Corsair Memory Upgrade Guide link in my signature. Corsair RAM needs to be purchased as ONE tested, matched RAM kit to be guaranteed.


Even though the RAM has been tested and confirmed to run at 1600 MHz. as TWO DIMMS - NOT four DIMMS, you must manually set the RAM frequency in BIOS for it to run at 1600 MHz. because your AMD CPU only oficially supports RAM speeds up to 1333 MHz. Your PC is probably auto adjusting the RAM to 1066 MHz. because you have all four RAM slots populated?


Because you are using TWO RAM kits it is unlikely that you will be able to run them at the latency and frequency specified for the TWO DIMM RAM kit. You can try 11-11-11-30 2T @ 1600 MHz. @ 1.65 V. There is no guarantee this or any other BIOS setting combination will work with the two RAM kits. You can also up the CPU-NB / VDDNB to 1.26 V.

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Dear trackrat;


Thanks for your fast reply.


However, I must say I do not agree with your comment and would like to say that I think, please do not take me wrong, that you might have misread the memory guide as it states the following;


"A user that already has a pair of modules and adds a second pair should take care to purchase a kit as similar as possible to the original to have the greatest chance of successful integration. This ensures a high likelihood of success when running a system with all DIMM sockets populated."


When I first read your comment, it really got me kind of furious. First with technology, then with myself for not reading things more adequately. But after reading it clearly states what I always have done, for over 15 years now, that one must or should always try to get the same kind of memory and if possible the same part numbers to have a better change of system stability.


Nowadays it is a bit of disappointment when it comes to fitting memory on a system. Long are the days that you would just buy the memory at the required frequency and the system would just pick up the right settings. GOD, I miss those days.


I do confess that I am not an overclocker guy nor have I have ever tweaked memory settings as I am not comfortable with it. This is in a way a bit boring as there are so many settings on today’s BIOS which is, in a way, a good thing I suppose but not for me hence the fact that I am here asking you guys for some tips on it.


Once again, many thanks for your opinion and settings as I really do appreciate it. By the way, the memory manual is really good and it really points people onto the right direction. I now understand the problem that it is to populate all memory slots. I thought that I had to increase the memory voltage but it is really the memory controller that needs a bit tweaking on the right direction to keep it more stable. Not only this but also heat issues also need to be addressed. In all very good I must say.

The system is stable and not overclocked as it is not what I want to do but still crashes on execution of ConvertXtoDVD3, lol.... Need to do a clean install os the OS and everything else.

Any more tweaking are more than welcome.


Thanks again.


Best regards,

Albert, C

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The point is while two RAM kits "might" work together this is not recommended and not guaranteed to work. As the operating frequency and bandwidth of memory increases every component in a PC system must work to perfection to have a stable PC. Mixing of RAM makes it extremely difficult for the memory controller to function without error.


The only means to be sure is to purchase ONE, tested, matched, compatible RAM kit.

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