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800D Power Switch Stuck


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My brand new 800D has a stuck power switch!


I've tried removing and reinstalling the front panel and it hasn't helped at all. If I smack the top right of the front panel it will cause the switch to pop back out again.


I really don't like to have to hit my computer to turn it on, please advise on how I could fix this?

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You can try wiggle the button, carefully but still with force, don't want to break it. Might lessen the tight fit a little, or if the plastic behind the button has rough edges.


I had the same problem, but not so bad that the button got stuck every time. Seemed more like it got stuck if I didn't press the button head on. Wiggling it (for a long time, I admit), almost made the problem disappear.

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It seems to have fixed itself after I hit the side of the my case really hard. The front panel was already locked in, but I think it just needed to be jiggled a little to get the button loose.


Gotta love the case though, with my 7750 @ 3.4 GHz / 1.55v I see 33C load. My loop:


EK Supreme HF Full Nickel

XSPC RX480 (Modded top of case) (With low speed yates)

Swiftech MCP355

XSPC Acrylic Reservoir Top for Laing DDC

Swiftech MCW60 (on GTS 250).

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