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PCI-E Overclocking vs SSD?? :D


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I was just messing around in bios, and found that if i increase pcie frequency from standart 100 to more like 125 or 130 the drive is not detectable anymore in bios...

And if I increase frequency to 115-120 the drive is not detectable about 3 out of 10 times.

And I tested this phenomenom ALOT, and it's kinda strange for me...

How this is hapenning, why? :eek:

My system spec's are in my profile.

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Wowwowow PCI-E at 130? yikkesss......I'm glad you seem to be done with your testing before something awful happened, lol.

In response to your question - there is no telling what is going to happen to your devices when you start going outside specs and there are way too many variables to say "oh this is exactly why...." But I can say from experience overclocking that SSD's are only the latest thing to disappear under abnormal frequencies/voltages, they're certainly not the first.

In your case I would be leaning towards a basic...overload...of data that prevented or tied up too much of your system causing the drive to miss it's "sweet spot" of detectability....but that's just a shot in the dark really ;D

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