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800D weight


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Let me start by saying I love this case, really great design; however, does it really need to be so ridiculously heavy? I have to put this case on a shelf on an entertainment center that is like head level, so lifting some 2 foot by 2 foot 50 lbs up and down for this every time I want to do anything inside the case....

Just seems kinda over zealous to me, this case plan on being dropped off buildings or ran over by tanks or whats the deal? As much as I love it, I will probably be purchasing something different in the future simply because of that. It's not just the weight, as 50 lbs by itself isn't really a big deal, but its a big awkward 50 lbs, grabbing one chunk at the front, and another chunk at the back almost an arms length away, then hoisting it up and down, i dunno, just major pain in the...

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The 800D weight around 20kg.


With hardware and watercooling would say 35kg+


I have come to the conclusion that this case is just too heavy for me.


I don't think steel was a great choice of material to be honest. It weights outrageously much and the steel plate that hides my cable management has started to bent. :(:


I think i may go with the 600t instead.

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