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corsair extreme x64 with AMD AHCI Sata driver help ?


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Hi, got a X64 drive , using windows 7, was using standerd windows AHCI 1.0 driver , its dated 2006 ????, I downloaded the AMD AHCI for Windows 7 27.7 MB 10.11, 11/19/2010, Will Trim still work ? I got these results with Windows AHCI 1.0 and AMD AHCI Driver in HDD Tune





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looks like this issue has finally been addressed by AMD w/ their latest 10.9 catalyst driver. Here's the post @ rage3d.com that confirms it:


When we covered the launch of AMD's new 8-series chipsets, we discovered that AMD didn't support TRIM on their fancy new SATA 3 6.0gbps SB850 southbridge.


This caused a little consternation for some, who liked the idea of running Windows 7 and it's native SSD support with your nice new AMD motherboard and SATA 3 interface.


AMD promised they would add support for TRIM at a later date, and rather quietly slipped it in to amd_sata.sys version 1.2 (, to be exact). This was released without much fanfare as Catalyst 10.9's AHCI driver.

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