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2 x 4-pin ATX connectors not attached


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I received today a new Corsair HX650 PSU. With all the other Corsair PSU's I've had, the product would either come with both a 4-pin and an 8 pin connector for the motherboard, or an 8 pin connector that could be split in two.


However, on this product, I found the PSU comes with 2 separate 4-pin connectors, which cannot be attached on to each other. Is this supposed to be the case?


While it's gonna make assembling a system harder (not much room to work with already if the motherboard is already installed into the case) - I'm guessing it's an inconvenience at the worst.

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  • Corsair Employee

I will have to double check to see what the connectors look like on the HX650, but they should fit together to provide you with the necessary 8 pin. It may be a little harder to plug it into the motherboard, but the two 4 pin connectors should fit together.


Both of these 4 pin connectors are on the same cable, correct?

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Many thanks for your prompt replies guys.


Both 4-pin connectors are indeed "sleeved" into the same cable.


Unfortunately, I've already installed the PSU and cannot take a photo of the connectors, as it would be difficult to remove then install them again with the system setup the way it is.


It looks just like the 8 pin connectors on other Corsair PSUs (like my HX850 model), except the clip that allows the two to fit together isn't there - it's just smooth plastic.


While it will be more of a pain now to install the PSU cables, my main concern is (if this indeed a manufacturing mistake and isn't actually how it's supposed to be) that there could be some other mistake also with the manufacturing of the PSU with regards to the 4/8 pin connector. I don't seem to have run into any stability issues yet - I will be running a stress test later on.

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