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Memory Confusion


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I have a problem with my PC randomly freezing and sometimes even automatically rebooting. Among other things I ran memtest and it passed without errors. However, I still think there's something odd about the installed memory that I found out (I didn't build the PC myself).

The first thing is that CPU-Z/SPD shows CM3X2G1333C9D as the part#. I can't find anything like this on the Corsair site.

Second, on the memory module it says: Dominator, TW3X4G1333C9D. Again, I can't find a module with exactly this description either.


Questions: Why is there a discrepancy between what the label shows and what the SPD info says? How am I able to verify if I have compatible memory modules if I can't find either one of the names on the Corsair web site?


The third thing is that the installed memory says 4GB(2x2). However I got 3 of those modules. But shouldn't I have something like 6GB(3x2)? Do I have the wrong memory modules and is this causing my random crashes?


Totally confused right now !

Thanks for help

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CM3X2G1333C9D = STICK part number (not for sale by itself)

TW3X4G1333C9D = KIT part number


When you bought the pre-built kit, did they specify the memory kit number?


Sounds like they may have just taken memory sticks from separate kits and not used ONE kit.

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Thanks for clarifying the stick/kit thing.


Just for clarification up-front, I didn't build the PC myself, but configured it instead at Cyberpower (I ordered 6GB tri-channel Dominator, no kit# was available). So I'm trying to figure out what's causing my problems. The reason I'm here in this forum is because Cyberpower's support is absolutely worthless (and that's a friendly description!)


Now, it seems that the TW3X4G1333C9D Kit is no longer available, as it is not shown on the Corsair website. However I googled it and found that it is a dual channel 4GB Kit. So you're right, they added just another stick from a different kit to make it a 6GB tri-channel package. Is this something that can cause the problems I have, like totally random system freeze? Or is it OK to mix and match?


In addition I can't find this kit on the QVL for my mobo either.


Would it be better to get a 6GB(3x2) kit instead and see if the problem goes away?


Thanks again.

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