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Power Supply blew, fried other components


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The system I specified in the control panel is basically the one which is now fried. While I was working at my other desk, I heard my computer turn off which was odd. I finished what I was working on and went over to the computer and turned it on. Large sparks came out of the motherboard PSU cable (on the cable, not anywhere near the connector). I ordered a replacement (I am a remote software engineer and I simply did not have time to go through the RMA process). The replacement arrived (a different brand), and it works (tested in one of my local development servers). Using it in the affected computer, however, results in power coming on for a few seconds and turning off again; there are no beep codes, and I've tried just the CPU, CPU/RAM, CPU/RAM/GPU (ATI x800 backup card). I've reset the CMOS on the board, and again there is no luck. I've removed the motherboard from the case and manually shorted the power switch to turn it on, and again same thing.


My question is does the 5 year warranty on the VX550W cover the parts it damaged when it fried? The AMD 4870 in the the specs has been fried. This was working perfectly, and now plugging it into another computer results in beep codes and a burning smell coming from the card. The motherboard is most likely fried as well. Hopefully the CPU and RAM are alright.


BTW, the power supply was connected to an APC BE650G UPS/Surge protector connected to a plain APC surge protector.


There wasn't a lightning storm, and nothing else in the house was damaged or flickered, so it's unlikely there was a surge to the house.


I'll try to check back here as often as possible over the next week while I work on getting another motherboard and testing the CPU and RAM. My development servers are linux servers without a desktop environment or screens, so I'm using another person's computer to post this.

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