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HX620 problem or something else?


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I'm having a weird problem which I think I've finally narrowed down to the PSU.


My current system is as follows:

Asus P5K-E WiFi/AP, E6750 @ 3.2GHz + Zalman 9500, 8GB DDR2 @ 960MHz, MSI GTX260


I decided to upgrade to a quad core and purchased a Q6600 (G0). As my system should fully support the new CPU (latest BIOS and everything else checked), I decided to just plug it in. Well, well... The system powers on but I get no picture. I start troubleshooting, check everything and I mean everything possible, reset CMOS, check connections, heatsink seating, remove and disconnect everything unnecessary to power up the system, even purchase another stick of RAM just in case. No luck, the system doesn't want to give me a picture. I decide that the CPU might be faulty, that I got ripped off, it being a second-hand CPU and all. Switch back to old CPU and boot up, everything works, set OC in BIOS and everything is stable.


My girlfriend happens to have a LGA775 system so I take the CPU over and plug it in. I get a picture, get into BIOS, manage to OC the CPU a bit, the system boots into Windows and I even end up running Prime for half an hour. What the...!?


Back to my place, I install the CPU again and start the computer up, a picture and manage to get into the BIOS. OK, modify settings a bit and restart. I get a picture but the system halts during POST and I can't get into BIOS either. Reset CMOS, check everything and so on. Now I get a picture every now and then or the screen stays blank. With picture the system halts during POST.


OK, switch back to old CPU and as before, everything works. OK, gotta be a problem with the motherboard. I check the local forums and find a nice P5Q-E. End up purchasing it and it takes a couple days before I receive it. OK, out with the old parts and in with the new. Power up and...still no picture! OK, well, let's try with the old CPU. In with the E6750 and power up... No picture! WHAT THE...!?!?!? Did I get ripped off with the mobo then? I'm starting to lose it, unbelievable!


I put together the old system and everything just works. Oh, during the switch between motherboards I checked the case, if there happened to be extra mounting screws in the case, nope. OK, back online and I'll ask around if there happened to be someone with a test bench for 775-systems. A guy offers his assistance and I'll take the P5Q and Q6600 to him and hook everything up. The damn thing boots up and I'll get a picture and get into BIOS everytime I power up.


Back home and check everything, I've lost count how many times I've done it by now. I finally notice that the PSU has an extra 12V cable. I have the 8-pin EPS cable hooked to the mobo, but the PSU has also the older 4-pin 12V connector.


Now, I didn't have time to try the system with the 4-pin cable before I had to leave for the weekend. I'd like to know your opinions on the matter and if I manage to solve the mystery with the System-From-Hell this time or am I going to face just another failure? Is it possible that:

1. the E6750 + P5K-E works without the extra 12V

2. the E6750 + P5Q-E is more sensitive than the above to the extra power and doesn't get enough power

3. the Q6600 + P5K-E doesn't get enough power

4. the Q6600 + P5Q-E doesn't get enough power


Oh, guess how many times I've removed the old and put on new thermal grease on the two CPUs and my Zalman 9500?

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