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Overclock and Setup for Dominator GT 2000mhz, help please


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I am building a new system based on the Asus Rampage iii Extreme and i am pairing it with the Corsair Dominator GT 6gb 2000mhz which is probably my best choice right now since i like the idea of a overclock on the memory.


Voltage on the Memory is on 1.65V and Timing is at 8-9-8-24


My question is:

What do i need to change in the Asus Rampage iii Extreme Bios to make the memory work at 2000 mhz and at 8-9-8-24 without having any boot problem at all


Video Guide or a Step by Step guide would be appreciated. I have done overclocking but since its a brand new board i dont know how to do it.

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Your mobo manual will walk you thru the BIOS options to help you manually set the RAM latency timings, frequency and voltage. As noted previously just because the mobo supports higher RAM frequencies does not mean that your CPU/mobo/RAM/Video card will all play nice at that frequency. The i7-9xx CPUs only officially support RAM speeds of 1066 MHz. though most folks are able to overclock the RAM to a higher frequency.


How high of frequency that your particular PC hardware components will run stable is what you must determine by tiral and error. Software such as Intelburn Maximum, OCCT, Prime 95 etc. are useful for stress testing to determine the maximum stable frequency for your hardware.


The memory timing reference link below may be of value?





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I actually have the same specification (All except I'm running the i7 930 instead due to its more robust overclocking options.


I have had my corsair 6gb Dominator GT Ram running stable at 2000mhz for about 2 months now, still need to OC the processor but I'll happily send you a copy of my settings (the XMP settings, even on the latest 1102 bios DO NOT SEEM TO WORK!) I found that voltages were the main issue.


I'm not in front of my desktop at the moment (currently doing a rebuild while working as well so customers come first), I will jot down the settings I'm using later this evening and post them for you. I'm going to be doing a heavy OC on the CPU once I'm finished with the rebuild, mainly as I'm running the Noctua NH-D14 cooler so I've got enough head-room to rag the hell out of this rig :biggrin::biggrin: I'll happily share my findings with you so you can get the best out of your rig too.


Not sure what your PSU and cooling is like, but hopefully you haven't scrimped on either, if you're running memory like that, I'm guessing that money wasn't really an issue, but good power and cooling is going to be key for a stable system. I'll also point you to the applications I've been using for testing/stablility.


Expect a post a little later on!



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