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VS2GB1333D3: Win7-64 = BSOD /// Win7/XP-32 = OK


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Hello everyone.


First I'd like to say I'm new and my native langage is french.

If I make some mistakes, I will thank you for beeing comprehensive . ;)



I've got a problem using the following configuration:


I bought (all at the same time and from the same vendor) :


Mobo Asus M4A87TD/USB 3.0

4x Corsair VS2GB1333D3

Phenom II X4 955BE



I'm experiencing BSOD when trying to install windows 7 64bits using the four memory modules:

- All the settings are set to auto into BIOS.

- No overclocking or overvolting from any kind.


I can't reach the end of the process.


I managed to do it by removing all modules except one.

Of course, I tried with each memory module one by one, and it works fine.


After a proper installation of windows, if I plug another memory module, system produces random BSOD. (No problem with one module)




I've absolutely no problem using win7 in 32 bits mode, neither while installing nor is use.

Today I'm working on win XP SP2 with the four mem modules and everything works fine.


I've read many solutions from everywhere about that kind of troubles, and I don't really know what to think about it. :sigh!:


Could anyone help me?

I'd like to use my 8GB of memory with Win7 64bits.


Oh and I let you know that I have already flashed the last BIOS, but I didn't tried to underclock memory or something else.


Thanks for reading.

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with one stick try setting the ram speed to DDR800 then add one stick at a time between reboots.

you will likely have to underclock and slightly overvolt a couple things to be successful.

Corsair never recommends or suggests mixing kits ever. there are no guarantees you will get it to work sorry to say. having everything play nice in XP is just a nice fluke. therre are many articles on the downside of using 4 sticks with a phenom cpu ESPECIALLY when all 4 sticks came in different packages. you may want to try setting DDR800 and raising the timings to like 5,5,5,15 or so. you will have to raise the northbridge/mch/qpi voltage as well. i jumped on the intel bandwagon 2 years ago just to avoid AMDs finiky memory controllers.


im sure other members will have more specific advice for you. please read the PDF document linked in my sig, im sure it can be converted into french if need be.


best of luck!!

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Thank you a lot for responding.


I've read your doc and as it's said inside, overvolting the memory won't fix anything.

What is really surprising to me is that the four mem modules come from the same vendor at the same time, and have exactly the same settings.


I thought it would be ok, even if it doesn't come from a twin kit. :[pouts:


You said something interresting to me:


"having everything play nice in XP is just a nice fluke"


What about using Windows seven in 32 bit version?

Is it the same? (cause I have no troubles with)



I'll try your solution, but if I don't have troubles using this freq. setting, I'll have to find other modules, cause I think I'll loose a lot of bandwith while gaming.


Thank you.

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So i've tried to do as you said, but it didn't work.

I've tried to over and undervolt the memory, to change frequencies, nothing to do, with two or more modules, there're always bsod on ntfs.sys while installing windows. :[pouts:


The only setting that seemed to be fine was to set the DRAM voltage to 1.45 instead of 1.5V at 800MHz


It enabled me to finish the installation, but the system was unstable after.


I believe there is no other solution that buying new modules, isn't it?


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  • 3 weeks later...

Hello again.


I've now bought new memory modules that are in the memory QVL for my motherboard.


They are Corsair CMX8GX3M4A1333C9


Thoses modules allowed me to make a proper installation of windows 7 x64 and seem to be really more stable than the old ones.


But I'm still experiencing random BSOD whatever I'm doing (or not lol)

It can happens either while playing a game for hours, or five minutes after booting while surfing the web.

I'm quite sure it comes from the memory modules.


The dump file analyser records says:





I don't really know what to do.

Could anyone confirm it's a memory problem ?


All the settings in the Bios are set to auto.


Thanks a lot for helping.

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Thank you very much for your help.

I've noticed the vendor and I hope they'll help me.


But something is really strange.


When I bought that memory, I was absolutely sure it was noticed in the memory QVL, so I've checked on Asus website, and this QVL is a new one which doesn't have my memory listed.

In the noticed provided with my mobo, the CMX8GX3M4A1333C9 (intel) is listed !


It's shown as 9-9-9-24 1.5V


It seems they have deleted thoses modules, one month later.

But now what can I do, even if I can exchange them to the AMD type, they are not listed in the new QVL...

Should I contact Asus?


Thanks a lot



I've another motherboard at home:



I've checked in the memory QVL from asus website, and in the list I've found the intel memory modules too.

Is it a mistake too according to you? (It seems the QVL for this mobo is the original release)


I mean, there is absolutely no way to run an AMD processor with Intel memory?


If it's possible, I could try to make an arrangement with this mobo.

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Thank you very much for your help.

You alone are faster and better responding than all MFG's services combined !


I think I'll choose to replace them once more but this time I'll take the CMX8GX3M2A1333C9 (2 modules instead of 4) which is listed in your QVL.

Thoses modules are available at my reseller, so I could expect some kind of exchange.


I'll let you know.


Regards, Olivier.

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the last thing to keep in mind is as long as you still run a 32 bit OS any ram after 3.25Gb will be either ignored or may even cause an issue.

i would suggest using a 64 bit OS to at the very least use 4 or more Gb of ram.


oh, make sure your motherboard can handle 4Gb sticks in a single slot. alot of boards only can handle a 2 gig stick max per slot.

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Well I got news:


My dealer doesn't want to take the kit back to exchange them.

I've searched the web about my bsod:


The error code written is: (from whocrashed)



Many users having this trouble on Windows 7 64 bits wrote that it came with zone alarm beeing installed.


I have this firewall in free version.

Last time I tried to de-activate it, but it was going on with BSOD.

This time I've fully uninstalled it, and at this time, (20 hours continuously), it seems i have no BSOD.


I hope it will go on.


Running Memtest with 4 modules for 2 days continuously haven't shown any error. (aroud 45 passes)


I've a last question:


Depending on the different sources I've read, the voltage for my modules goes from 1.5 to 1.65V.


Now I'm using 1.5V.


Is it correct with an AMD Phenom II ?

I think it is.

For Intel CPU it should be 1.5V, isn't it?


Thanks a lot.

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