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How to tell if a Corsair Padlock 2 needs the security update posted on June 2010?


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Hi I'm new to this forum and will appreciate any input on the following questions regarding the Corsair Flash Padlock2 security update:


1. Are there lot / batch number we can check to be sure of the affected devices?


2. Assuming owners of the newer Padlock 2 do not need to perform this update, what happen if this procedure is performed? Any undesirable effects like locking out the device?


3. Finally, appreciate if there could be more disclosure of the issue. As this seem to be an easy fix any customer can do, I'm supposing it is not a serious issue. Yet the announcement stated that "security issue .. that may expose your data." which seems worrying.


Is it related to the procedure on setting the master pin?


Thanks in advance.

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