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New H50 owner, temps high?


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Hello All,


I did my new build last night and I was wondering if my CPU temps are a bit high, and if so what should I do.


My apartment is pretty much always 22c (72f).


I currently have the 2 front fans intaking, my big top fan exhausting.


I have the H50 set up intaking from the back in a push setup.


My CPU is idling at 39-40c and while running Prime95 its 65-66c. That seems a bit high for only stock speeds. I wanted to OC, but I dont feel like with the current temps that would be a great idea.


The pump is running at 1300rpm and the Corsair fan is running at 1600rpm.


Other system temps:

Motherboard 34c

Northbridge: 56c


Thanks in advance for any help or advice.


*edit to add picture*


This really does seem high for stock CPU temps. I tried reversing the intake to exhaust, and it didn't hardly make any difference.



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Since I posted this, I have tried just about everything I can think of to get lower temps with this.


I reseated. I changed the fan setup to a push/pull setup. I even returned the unit because my friend told me it was defective as I could hear a lot of water constantly gargling in the pipe.


I know have my second unit installed in push/pull exhausting, and am running identical temps. Fan and pump seem to be running at the correct speed. I have no idea what I am doing wrong, but its starting to get very frustrating.


Here is my current setup.




I have a push/pull exhausting. I am using the Antec fan as my pull fan. I was very careful when I reseated the unit. I do not believe it is an airflow issue, as I can turn every fan in my case from high to low (except the Rad push fan, thats always on high, and the pump) and it makes no difference in the CPU temp.


I currently idle at 40c, this seems way to high for stock.

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What have you got on it, the regular thermal paste it comes with?


You could try buying some high performance thermal paste (I'm assuming the cooler ships with the standard white goop). Just start by wiping off the original paste (get a paper towel and put some rubbing alcohol on it to clean away the old paste from your CPU and the bottom of the heat sink (supposedly anything between the 70 and 91% should work fine for this) (you don't want the paper towel soaking wet though, just slightly damp)), then after it's dried put a pea-sized amount of the new thermal paste onto the CPU and spread it around (if the paste comes with something to spread it around use that, if not a clean paper towel should do just fine) that may help to get your temps down a bit. Now you want to just barely coat your CPU, you want to just get it to the point where you can no longer see through to the metal of your CPU.


Also, what kind of CFM's are your intake and exhaust fans flowing at?


Additionally, mounting the highest CFM 120mm fan you can find (assuming your case fits 120mm, most do but some don't) at the rear exhausting out with your CPU's fan pushing air toward the rear of your case may help to lower those temps.

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I am currently using Arctic Silver 5, as I have tried reseating the unit multiple times. Using all the correct methods. I used 99% isoprophyl alcohol to clean the cpu and heatplate, and I also used the tint method to prepare both for remounting.


I do not think its an airflow issue, as it doesnt seem to matter how I have the fans. I currently have 2x120mm fans intaking from the front, the top 200mm fan exhausting and the H50 in a push/pull exhausting out the back. The air coming out of the H50 is not very warm at all. I even tried removing the H50 rad and fan from the case and letting it sit outside the case while running and I got identical temps. I also used the intake from the rear method Corsair recommends and again I had the same temps. Also, running with the case door open produces no difference ether.


I am not sure what CFM my fans are. I am using the stock Corsair fan that came with the H50 to push, and an ******** case fan that runs at 3 speeds to pull. I was planning on buying some GentleTyphoons for the H50, but right now I am pretty disappointed with it and don't want to spend more money on it if it is going to give me this substandard performance. Unless you think adding the 2xGTyphoons will really reduce my temps by like 20c-ish under load?


I am currently running at 40-42c idle, and around 71c under sustained load. I attempted to OC the system to see what would happen. I got it up to 3.7mhz and the temps went up to 56 idle and 91c load almost instantly. I could probably have pushed it up to 95c or 96c if I let Prime95 run for 10 minutes.


I really feel that it should be running much cooler than that. I have talked to a lot of people whom are running OC of 4.0+ with temps that about match my Stock temps.


Here is what I get under sustained load currently.



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Hmm... Well your min temps on the cores look okay to me. I don't think 35-38°C is all that bad really. I think you're right about your max temps being too high though.


According to Intel's website the max case temp should be 67.9°C.


I'm thinking you may have an issue with a faulty temperature value showing up.


I'd recommend going to your mobo manufacturer's website and downloading and then installing the most up-to-date bios version and drivers and seeing if your temp readings change after that.


Sometimes there are faulty bios and/or driver versions which cause the system to report faulty temperature values, and that may be what's going on here.

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From that thread above:


2. Is the mount ON TOP OF the retention bracket?

During installation I had put the retention bracket mount UNDER the retentention bracket. This caused a 1-2mm gap between the base of the CPU and the base of the cooler. From top to bottom, the order should be as follows:


Retention bracket mounts

Retention bracket





What does he mean the retention bracket mounts? The little black one hole (amd) or two hole (intel) screw things?


I followed the video on youtube that was done by Corsair on how to mount the H50.

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Where have you got the fan connected to and is it running at full speed all the time or is it controlled ?


Also you say the pump is running at 1300rpm, it should be running at 1400rpm !


In the above pics you can see the fan speed.


CPU = the Corsair fan = 1680ish.

Chassis1 = the pump = 1371ish. Seems to have about 100rpm fluxuation, can go from around 1325 to 1425 rpm.


Both are plugged in to the motherboard. I checked my BIOS and the only fan control settings I have are ether three levels of quiet mode, which make the RPMs for both of these drop, or no control. Whats odd is that I switched the pump to Quiet Mode - Turbo, to see if it would increase the speed, and it dropped to around 1000rpm, but the temps didnt really go up.


A friend told me to see what happened to the temps when overclocked, so I brought it up to 3.7GHz. It hit 91c under load. Which would indicate to me something really is wrong, as it seems a lot of people can get 4GHz and have load temps under 70c.



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hm that is weird. I think ur thermal paste is not making a great contact with the surface of the chip. Perhaps try reseating it again and make sure that its tight. Meaning don't force it with all ur force but u definetly need to put a little force into tightening that thing. In addtion, the original thermal paste that comes with h50's are shin etsu, which is a better thermal paste than arctic silver 5. most people see a difference of upto 3 degrees with this paste than the arctic silver 5.


In addition, i see ur cpu z reading 1.35 volts at 3.7ghz which is far too much volt required to run at 3.7ghz. It should only require one notch perhaps even stock voltage to run it at 3.7ghz, which probably explains why ur hitting 91 degrees.

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