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Solution for SSD's that are not detected in AHCI mode


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I had this problem and it is kind'a easy to fix.

It's something with MBR or etc dunno, maybe someone smarter will explain in more detail's :roll: and it appears to be Windows 7 problem.

The problem occured with Corsair F60 SSD disk, one day BIOS just hanged at detecting the drive, so I disconnected the drive, entered the bios setting's and changed sata controller mode from AHCI to IDE (Enhanced) and it did recognize the drive, but it wasn't good at all becouse AHCI still failed and IDE doesn't give the performance that SSD on AHCI can give.

So I decided that good old Windows XP installation should reset Windows 7 garbage and it DID!

So the fix is: Go to IDE mode, Install Windows XP (delete partitions, make full format), then change to AHCI mode and install Windows 7 (delete partitions, make format) and that's it! You have AHCI detectable SSD drive again ;):

If you are experiencing slow freeze's at ahci detecting just try this method before going rma's and etc.

There may be tools to do what i did with windows XP but i didin't test any so if you will find better way to fix this problem be my guest and post it :)

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Uh, almost forgot, installing Windows 7 while in IDE mode and after that changing to AHCI decreased SSD's overall performance. Installing Windows 7 in AHCI mode without changing IDE->AHCI showed almost exact speed's as corsair advertise :)

Used Intel RST driver's and identical configurations in both cases.

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