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Corsair 750TX - smoke coming out after install


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I just put together a new computer which included a Corsair CMPSU-750TX Power Supply. The same Power Supply is running in another computer (with more powerful hardware) with no problems. After installing all of the components listed at the end of this post, the computer appeared to work fine for a few moments and then I noticed a crackling sound coming from the case. I walked over and saw that the sound was coming from the PSU. Smoke started coming out of the PSU and I immediately unplugged the computer. After ~30 minutes I started taking out all of the hardware piece by piece making sure they were connected correctly and inspecting them for any damage. All parts were connected properly and there appears to be no damage. I took the Power Supply out of the case and did the Paper Clip test suggested here http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=63991 . The PSU spun up fine but smelled like burnt rubber and smoke. I attached a few case fans and they worked properly, but again the PSU smelled but didn't have any smoke coming out of it.


I did the PSU finder here http://www.corsair.com/psufinder/default.aspx and it suggested 450W and up. So this PSU should definitely be able to handle the load.


Even though the paperclip test passed, I'm concerned that this new PSU is malfunctioning and could fry all of my new hardware and possibly start a fire.


Does anyone have any suggestions?




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