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Gday guys. I hope someone can answer some questions for me.


I have purchased 8 gig of new ram the model is CMX8GX3M4A1600C9

My mb is a GA P55 USB3 with a i7 860 no o/c


I used the corsair ram finder to make sure the ram is Compatibility with my motherboard.


My question:


Because the RAM is 1600MHz do i need to do anything in the BIOS to change the setting to accept the RAM or will the motherboard do automaticaly? If i do need to change anything what? haha sorry im pretty new to all of this.


Keeping in mind i dont want to o/c anything.



Thanks in advance for your help




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By design the i7-860 CPU will run RAM at 1066/1333 MHz. by default when the system is first booted. If you desire to run the RAM at 1600 MHz. which is overclocked, you would need to manually set the BIOS options. The latency timings for this RAM is 9-9-9-24, 2T @ 1600 MHz. @ 1.65 V which should also be on the label on the RAM.





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Your PC will automatically boot with either 1066 or 1333 MHz. depending on the CPU used and the SPD programming on the RAM. It won't automatically boot to 1600 MHz. unless you manually set it to. If you manually set it to 1600 MHz. and later decide that you want to return it to 1333 MHz. you can change the BIOS options to do this.
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