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Firmware Update for Flash Voyager/Survivor GTR 32/64GB


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We have developed a new firmware for our Flash Voyager/Survivor GTR 32GB and 64GB models. This corrects some issues with the existing firmware that may allow data corruption or for a drive to corrupt the firmware and become unusable. We suggest that all users of the Flash Voyager/Survivor GTR 32GB and 64GB models update to this firmware. Other drive models are not affected and will not accept this update.


This update is destructive to the data on the drive so we advise that you backup any data on the drive before performing the update. We have not had any update failures in the lab. However, if you have a failure to update or if your drive is rendered unusable, we will replace it. If you cannot update your drive or if your update fails in any manner, please use the link on the left side of this page to Request an RMA.


Do not power off your system during the update. The update may take several minutes depending primarily on your drive size.


Here are the steps for the update. The .zip file is linked below in the second post. The update utility has been tested with Windows XP/Vista/7 and is an .exe to be run from the OS.



Step 1: Download and extract the .exe file to your computer. Right click the .exe and run the update utility as an administrator.






Step 2: Once your drive is recognized (and after any data is backed up) select the Update button as seen in the picture below.






Step 3: You are given a reminder that All Data will be deleted and asked to select OK to continue. If you wish to update your drive, select OK.






Step 4: After selecting OK, the utility will update the drive and the progress is shown here as seen below.






Step 5: Your update is complete and your drive is now updated and usable. Unplug it and replug it to use the drive.








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