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HX620W failing to start


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I'm having issues with a new build - using the Corsair HX620 PSU.


Whenever I try to start the system, the fans+lights etc will come on for a split second, and then switch off again. This cycles a few times, then stops completely. The error code LCD on my motherboard indicates there is a problem with my PSU.


I've tried fixing it under the assumption the board is faulty (so clearing the CMOS, doing a barebones test, removing CMOS battery and leaving overnight etc...), however, the problem persisted. So I tried the same with a different motherboard (that I know to be functional), and the exact same occurs.


Looking at the Corsair tech support pages, I tried the mentioned "paper clip test" (but I simply used a bit of silver bent into shape instead), and I get the same problem. Once the green+black wires are shorted, the PSU fan will start spinning and then stop again - it will not remain on.


Is there any way I can try to fix this or should I move straight to requesting an RMA?


If it does come to me having to RMA, how long would it take to receive a replacement? I need the system to be built quite urgently.





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