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Corsair 550vx sound


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I've been using a Corsair 550vx psu for a year and a half. Recently I've noticed a sound coming from the psu similar to the sound that the hdd makes when it writes/reads, though not that loud. It's a kind of a faint electrical clicking sound.


To hear this sound, it has to be really quiet in the room and to listen real close to the psu. I've asked the guys at the shop, where I bought the psu, and they told me that it's a normal sound after a period of use to all psu's.


In rest, the psu works ok with no problems whatsoever.


My question is ... should I worry about this sound ? Is it normal, what exactly produces it ? Somebody else told me that it may come either from the fan or the psu transformer, either way I should not worry about it.


Thanks in advance

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i think no problem with your psu, as long the noise didn't get louder

just make sure the voltage within ATX spec


suchs noise sometimes can happen when outlet plug have noise, you can try to plugging to another outlet though i can guarantee it will solve the issue

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The sound would not indicate any problems and would be normal in most cases. The noise should not be loud enough to be heard over the other components in the system under load and if it gets loud enough to be bothersome then we could try replacing the unit for you.
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