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gigabyte GA-p55-us3l rev 2.0


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Can someone offer some advice, I want to upgrade my ram to 8GB, I have never used corsair before but hear they are a good brand. However I am not sure which ram to go for. I have used the memory configurator on the corsair website but it does not show my mobo rev. It does have the GA-p55-us3l but mine is rev 2.0 which has a H55 chipset not the P55.


Does this matter? Will the ram it recommends for the GA-p55-us3l work on my rev 2.0 mobo?


My system: os W7 64 bit, i5 750 and current ram is v data 1.5v 1333 mhz.


I wish to replace current ram with 2 x 4gb.



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