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Problem with 2 kits of TR3X6G1600C8D on Asus Rampage III Formula


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Hey guys,


I built a new Gaming PC last week and I have have had some problems with the ram that I have installed in it.


The problem that i have is that when i first power on the computer in the morning or after a long period of being off the computer only registers 8gig of ram but i have 12 gig installed.


The only way i have found that i can get all the 12 gig to show up is to go into the bios and change the setting on the ram and then set them back to what i have them set to now which is the XMP settings. The problem was also there even before I started changing the ram from default settings.


So i do it like this:

Start computer and boot up windows and see it sowing only 8gig ram.

Restart computer and go into bios and set XMP back to default.

Restart computer in bios and check system information and check it is showing 12gig is there.

Turn the XMP setting back on and restart the computer.


I have to do that every time I find that the computer is only Reading 8gig.


I have read other threads on people have problems with having 12 gig installed and only 8gig showing up but i couldn't find any answers to if something is faulty with ether my ram or motherboard.

I have tested the ram by pulling them all out and testing them one at a time and all of them come up in the bios, I then put in one and at time till all were back in and the computer came up with all 12 installed.


So yeah i have no idea what else to do to work out what is going on, I did read in the threads that i was looking through the the ram may not be compatible with the motherboard but i cant find out any information on this.


Here are some screens of the slots and voltage setting i have (sorry for the large images sizes had to make them in paint since i dont have photoshop installed yet) :


slot1: http://i157.photobucket.com/albums/t68/resistance12/Slot1-1.jpg


Slot2: http://i157.photobucket.com/albums/t68/resistance12/Slot2.jpg


Slot3: http://i157.photobucket.com/albums/t68/resistance12/Slot3.jpg


Slot4: http://i157.photobucket.com/albums/t68/resistance12/Slot4.jpg


Slot5: http://i157.photobucket.com/albums/t68/resistance12/Slot5.jpg


Slot6: http://i157.photobucket.com/albums/t68/resistance12/Slot6.jpg









If anyone can give me some answers as to what is going on I would be very thankful.

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I had a look at the link that was posted and went through all the different things to try that it said, even going and taking the cpu back out and putting it back in to see if that was the problem and I still have the same problem.


I dont know what else I can do to fix this problem.


If there was a problem with the ram or the motherboard i should be able to get it to show the 12gig at all should I?

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your ram and motherboard is ok...

just check RAMPAGE III FORMULA Memory QVL (Qualified Vendors Lists) in asus site...

corsair TR3X6G1600C8D is compatible with Rampage III Formula in 2 , 3 and 4 DIMM ...

which means you can use 4GB OR 6GB OR 8GB ...

Not 12 GB because it's 6 DIMM.. and 6 DIMM is not supported with this Memory...


hope it will help

sorry for my bad english :)

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The Asus Rampage III Formula is a triple channel mobo supporting up to 24 GB. and (6) DIMMs. Mixing of RAM kits is not recommended nor guaranteed to work without issues so it's important to pick ONE, tested, matched, compatible RAM kit per the Corsair Memory Upgrade Guide link in my signature.





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