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TX750W voltage readings


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if I have the psu hooked up with that paperclip test I am guessing it is possible to measure the voltage on the other connnectors within the 24 pin connection. I can't find which wires to measure to get what voltages. Is there a doc on it or is this common knowledge that I just don't seem to possess?


I bought an entire new system, had it booted a few times and then it decided to stop posting, no beeps, nothing. All indications pointed to the CPU so I RMA it, put the new on in and no change. I have the asus crosshair iv and the amd black editon phenom 2 6x 1090t chip. The mobo has the red indicator on "cpu" does not post or beep. all fans do spin. The asus guy says its either the mobo or the psu, no kidding...... I went out and bought another cpu and mobo but i want to make sure that this PSU is working perfectly before I blow up another 500$ worth of pc parts.



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Great guide! thanks, I tested the voltages and this is what i got:


on the 24 pin connector


3.41 12.21 G loop loop G G empty 3.96 3.96 3.96 G

3.41 3.41 G 3.96 G 3.96 G 3.98 5.14 12.32 12.32 3.41


on the HD connectors:


12.32 G G 3.95




12.32 on all 3 pairs


the 8 pin power


12.32 on all 4 pairs



I did have 3 case fans connected and spinning, and I also hooked up 1 hd but that never spun up, is that strange or normal? is this PSU good?


thanks for all your help!

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on my 3.3v orange wires I am getting 3.41


on the 5v red wires I am getting 3.96


on the 1 grey wire I am getting 3.98


on the 1 purple wire I am getting 5.14


and on the yellow 12v I am getting 12.32


the pci-e and the 8 pin power I am getting 12.32 on all pairs.


I have 3 fans hooked up and 1 HD, the hd never spun up but the v reading on the connectors was 12.3 and 3.95


what do you think?

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