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Do I need to RMA my RAM?


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Hi all,

I built a system in the spring with an ASUS P7P55 pro motherboard and 4x2GB TW3X4G1333C9DHX DDR3 RAM, all bought at the same time. I have been running 64bit Ubuntu 10.04 from the get go with this system. I have had numerous freeze ups and problems which I have been blaming on the OS.


I have recently been told that it is likely to be a configuration error, or my RAM is bad. I called for an RMA for the RAM, and went to register for the RMA on the Tech Support site. It displayed the following message:


Here are some common tips that you should try before proceeding with a full technical support case.


Four modules won't run at the speed and/or timings I expect them to.

The problem you're experiencing may be from a motherboard limitation. Most motherboards may be able to run four modules at a time, but not at high speeds. You may have to slow your memory down and/or increase your northbridge voltage slightly to get all four modules running. If you’re not comfortable making these adjustments, or if the BIOS doesn’t allow for these adjustments to be made, you might want to consider one of our 4GB memory kits.


I have increased my RAM voltage to 1.7V and the bus frequency remains at 1333MHz. The computer is running more stable, and not over heating. CPU temp is 27 and MB temp is 30.


Do I need to RMA the RAM, or should I wait?

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What Tech Support is telling you is that the RAM latency is for one kit, not for each module. If you can get multiple RAM kits to function without issues you will likely need to increase the latency timings and decrease the RAM frequency.


You can test one module at a time with Memtest 86+ to see if the RAM is all good. You can then manually set the BIOS RAM settings to 11-11-11-30 2T. If you're still having issues you can lower the RAM frequency to 1066 Mhz.


An RMA won't fix the problem if the RAM is good but the BIOS settings are incorrect. The Memory Upgrade Guide in my signature explains the mixing of RAM issues.

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I have tested the RAM, and received no errors, although I didn't test the RAM individually.


I have set the frequency to 1066, the latency to 11-11-11-2t and the voltage to 1.65. It is running cool and stable now. No signs of crashing.


So if I want to speed it up a bit, would it be better to ramp up the frequency to 1333, or change the latency?


Also, what is the maximum safe voltage for this RAM? Should I turn the voltage down?



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