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Raid 0 Alignment


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I currently have 4 F40 drives in Raid 0.


All drives were upgraded to firmware 2.0 and aligned using diskpart.


After building the array the alignment shows as 103424 K


When I installed W7 I did not do a format but used what I had from diskpart.


Is that normal for a raid 0 array or did I do something wrong

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Your alignment depends on your allocation size. If your allocation size is 4096 for example then your alignment should be divisible by that. So post your allocation size. Also for RAID arrays you have to implement the stripe size as well in the calculation---try this calculator: http://www.techpowerup.com/articles/other/157


If you are using 4K, then your alignment is off, but your speed results look VERY good, right on par with 4xF80's in RAID 0 so I could be wrong.

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