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Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3R and TWIN2X4096-6400C5 permanent system freezes


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Hey guys!


i need you expert help...

as in the title, i'm using a ep45-ud3r (rev1.1) with the latest Bios version (F12) together with this pair of modules...

the problem is, as soon as i try to install games (>> unpacking large files and so on), the system freezes randomly... so that i have to reset the system


in normal use, everything works perfect... NO BSOD's, crashes or other errors, even playing the games is no problem!! ONLY constant freezes on installing/unpacking something...


i already tried channel A/B banks and using only ONE module at a time... then i tried to increase MCH voltage (to 1.2) and DRAM voltage (2.1), i changed the command rate to 2 and turned system performance to standard in bios... no success:confused:


the funny thing is, that i set up a very similar system with EP45-UD3P in combination with the same modules and get exactly the same problem....


do i have to change any other settings in bios?? (i'm not so experienced with all the voltages...) thanks for your advice!

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