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Coil buzz Again..


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I have tried several version of the TX 650 and finally received a HX 650 and although the noise is a lot less annoying and is quieter, it is still there. I have rma'ed multiple times


I have tried disabling all the power saving features and booting into safe mode

I also currently have it connected to the wall. I also always use vsync and triple buffer.


The rest of my components are connected to a multiplug solution while my psu is hooked to the wall


It is most noticeable when using prime 95, the coil buzz gets louder, as soon as i stop prime it lowers itself down again.


IS it just my particular hardware setup? or is it a big design flaw..




Athlon 2 x4 640 3.5ghz Oced

4gb ******** ddr3 ram clocked in at 1333

wd 1tb blue 7200rpm

zotac gtx 460 1gb Oced

asus m4a87td evo mother board

HX650watt psu from corsair

Super write master dvd drive


I have 5 fans in total

Win7 ultimate 64bit


asus 21.5inch monitor

logitech 5.1 speakers

logitech g110 gaming keyboard+ cm storm sentinel advanced gaming mouse


None of the other components in my system make this noise what so ever


I just dont know what to do right now -_-


From Canada

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If you have already tried replacing the PSU multiple times and the issue is still there, then the next step would be to test it in a different system and see if the problems follow the PSU. If the PSU does not give you problems in a different system then you may want to try replacing the graphics card and eventually the motherboard if the new VGA doesn't resolve it.
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