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AX850W - how do I connect 2 pci-e and eatx 12v?


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I am building a new system with an AX850, Asus Sabertooth X58 motherboard, and 2 Gigabyte SuperOverClock GV-N460SO-1GI GTX460's.


The connector for the 8-pin eatx12v on the motherboard has 12 pins where it connects to the AX850, 4 of those pins are blank.


The pci-e cables have the same 12 pin connection at the AX850 end. Each of my graphics cards has sockets for two 6 pin power connectors.


The AX850 has only 2 places to plug in 12 pin connections.


Is there a way to connect both pci-e cables and the eatx12v?


Is there a diagram of the output connections of the AX850 so I can confirm I am connecting the cables correctly?


Thanks for helping.


BTW the thread mentioning the cover Asus puts over 4 of the 8 pins of the eatx12v connection was very helpful... thanks.

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Thanks Toasted but it seems that Corsair ran out of the correct socket ends for the 12v connector and just used one of the 12pin PCI-E ones instead.


Had to return the PSU for an OCZ ZX850 as MicroCentre didn't have any replacements for the Corsair in stock.


Much appreciated all the same mate!

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